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A little about NanaKate's Lighthouse

The name "NanaKate's" Lighthouse originally was inspired by Sandra's mother's nickname which was "NanaKate."  Kathleen MacNeil "Nana Kate" was an inspiration to all around her.  Never having it easy, literally difficult from birth, she overcame incredible odds.  Ahead of her time, her holistic approach and sheer determination taught others the power of gratitude and positivity in body, mind and spirit.  Her spunk and her impact on the lives around her will forever be remembered and cherished.  That is why Sandra chose Nana Kate, because she although a lot of it was after she had past, she taught Sandra a lot of what was truly important in life. We continue to share that light today.   


Sandra K.MacNeil

Sandra is an artist, design professional and a holistic coach that specializes in environmental health.  Creating spaces that connect, nourish and inspire, in body, mind and spirit.  She helps people all over the world, tune into their best potential.  Living deeper with authenticity, truth and purpose. As she says, "It took me a while to find my own truth and be comfortable in my own skin.  We are all more alike than different.  We all have a unique path with our own gifts and talents to share with this world.  Along the way, we're often faced with challenges.  The difference now is that I embrace the process and have fun!  I am present. I go with the flow learning as much as I can; recognizing it's part of the journey and we're all here to enjoy the ride!

Sandra started her career working in the environmental health field. Passionate to find out why her mother was getting so ill, she became an environmental health specialist.  As an artist and always quite creative, she loved to express her creativity. She loved to paint, music, design, build & renovate, so she coupled her two passions and became a designer specializing in sustainable (GREEN) design.  Along the way, she was faced with a lot of challenges and adversity in her life. As her faith  muscles strengthened, she was introduced to modalities that really helped her heal and truly find her whole self. She felt called to share what she had learned with others and help them on their journey and thus pursued holistic coaching and healing.

" I've always felt like I didn't quite fit the mold of  what "normal" looked like.  I was different from my peers having one career all their lives with the kids and the white picket fence.  That wasn't me.  For years, I beat myself up because I didn't quite fit perfectly in one place.  I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I wanted to do more.  There wasn't just one thing I wanted to do.... I was just "different"...and guess what....that's ok!  Once I realized this, the pressure was off. I trusted that the universe would guide me to where I need to go and that's why you are reading this now."

Nothing is wasted.   Understanding that all of our experiences are all part of our own path and spiritual awakening.  My diverse and unique experience was meant to happen to prepare me, so I could learn how to align my lifestyle with my culture and values.  Living fully with purpose and sharing what I've learned with others helping them on their journey. 

I am so blessed. I have the pleasure of helping individuals find alignment, design and create the life of their dreams. Witnessing transformations that words cannot describe!  From helping individuals find more meaning and purpose in their life, to helping them lose weight, peak performance in sports, career and daily life, to gaining confidence, more energy, to finding clarity in their career and relationships.   Teaching coping skills that equip and help us deal with life experiences from trauma and grief, to dealing with fear, addiction, anxiety and depression.  From lack of self, rejection and abandonment to finding a place of healing, wholeness, empowerment and thriving!

We all have our stuff and it's ok. Once we realize that there is an energy of unconditional love, we are able to rise to a higher sense of self, tapping into our own intuition, gaining wisdom, clarity and healing.  The sky's the limit!! We're able to clear blocks and false beliefs that lead us to vitality, empowerment and inspiration.  Equipping us to overcome almost any challenge! That's when the fun really happens!  Leading us to live a full, vibrant life, filled with passion, peace, joy and abundance!  Excited about life. Living with purpose, embracing the journey and ultimately reaching our highest potential in body, mind and spirit! ~

"Nana Kate"
Living Life to the Fullest

Nana Kate & Sandra

Nana Kate
The amazing woman who's strength & determination inspired Sandra to pursue holistic coaching and healing

  Holistic Coaching, Art &

  Sustainable Healthy Design

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