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What is the big difference working with Sandra?

The big difference working with Sandra is that she sees the individual, not the symptoms.  She believes everyone's story is unique and hense their road and journey to wholeness is unique as well.  

Her natural disposition, enthusiasm, and empathetic spirit allows her to easily connect with her clients, putting them at ease. They are more comfortable and open to the process leading to greater results & transformations.   This allows her clients to tap into their own intuition ~ receiving the healing, guidance, strength and motivation they deserve.

Why does Sandra practice holistic "coaching and healing?"

"Coaching is a great tool. However, coaching in combination with healing (and clearing blocks) can provide even more powerful results.  I like to think of our life as a glass of water.  The more stress in our lives and the longer that stress has been there, the more the glass fills up leaving less room available to effectively manage the stress and pain.  If your glass is already full with burdens, fear, worry, guilt, grief, pain and often false beliefs that you were never meant to carry around... there's no room for the positive stuff.  Sometimes, we need to clear out what is not serving us in order to make room for the good energy. One of my favourite modalities for effectively clearing blocks is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) because it is so quick and delivers truly transformational results.  Think of yourself like your car.  We all need an oil change once in a while.  It's that oil change or spring cleaning that releases all the negative energy. Once the clearing is done an amazing shift happens on all levels which opens us up to glide easily into the positive flow ~ that's when the magic and the fun really begins!"

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