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Everything happens for a reason.   It may not be right, or fair or extremely painful  at the time, but often there is a bigger picture which we cannot see  while we are going through it.  Perhaps your pain  will help someone else or leads to a particular path for a greater good.   Adversity, although it may make us uncomfortable at the time, it provides contrast and it's also our best teacher.   When you know what you don't want... you also know what you do want.  It allows us to look for something beyond the day to day reality.  It brings us to a new level of awareness and enables us to get "in touch" with our true inner selves. 

Sometimes we will find that there are just some circumstances in life that we cannot control.  When we accept this and begin to dig deeper, then as we move through it, we are able to find clarity, healing and a new perspective.  It's these experiences that grow our spiritual muscles and often become the spark or catalyst to the beginning of a more meaningful life. We may not be able to control some things, but we can always control our attitude and how we react to them.  Sometimes the universe will keep sending us the same lesson until we "get it".  It might just be gently nudging us into another direction and out of our comfort zone.  Any path will have challenges, but  it's these challenges that help us grow and expand experiencing a more fulfilled life. 

It's when we learn to appreciate the beauty and find satisfaction despite the circumstances, that we are able to rise to a whole new level.  We learn to look beyond what is and get excited for what truly is possible!  As we learn to live in alignment and authenticity, we are able to tap into a guidance system of unlimited power and intuition.  We begin to realize that we are the creators of our own reality and that anything can be changed in our lives!  

We are all on a journey with our own unique experiences, gifts and talents.   We are here to learn, enjoy life, find our purpose and share it with the world! 

When we do... this is where the fun begins!

We start to live a life of peace, freedom and empowerment.  You feel alive!  Full of passion, excitement, inspiration and satisfaction. 

That is exactly how living life is supposed to be!~

Let NanaKate's Lighthouse

help you find your authentic self


so you can Love your life!

Thriving in body, mind & spirit~

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